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Why Summer is a Good Time to Schedule a Blaine Chimney Inspection

While you may not think about your chimney in the summer months, it is a good time to schedule your yearly Blaine chimney inspection service. There are a few reasons to do this, but most importantly, you’ll want to make sure your chimney is in good working order before the heating season begins. Here are a few other reasons to have your chimney inspected by a 2nd Generation Chimney Technician this summer.

  1. Easier access. Because the technician will have to gain access to the top of the chimney to check for cracks or other obvious damages, it is much easier to work with a ladder if there’s no snow on the ground.  If it is a level 2 inspection that requires the use of a video camera, then there’s less chance that the extreme weather or moisture will damage the camera.
  2. Animal control. Animals tend to nest in chimneys more in the spring time, because that’s when mothers look for a place to have their young. It is better to have the animals and nests removed before the fall when you start to use your fireplace or wood stove again.
  3. Time for needed repairs. If your chimney is damaged in any way, we will have more time to make the necessary repairs before winter. This is especially important if you  need a new flue liner. You will have more time to make a decision about which one to install. We can also seal your chimney while the weather is warm if you have cracks in the mortar or crown.

Contact 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. today to schedule your yearly Blaine chimney inspection and cleaning.


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