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How to Tell If Your Need a Chimney Restoration


Restoring a chimney may sound like a large job. Chimneys are usually made of brick and mortar, and doing an extensive restoration requires specialists with the right tools. But sometimes restoration is necessary to keep the chimney in proper shape so that it doesn’t become a possible danger to your house. If a chimney is deteriorating with age or neglect it can cause exhaust gases to enter the home, heat to escape the chimney and trigger fires, and even the chimney collapsing and taking part of the house with it.

We’re experts when it comes to chimney restoration in Minneapolis, MN. We’ve done this job since 2001, and we are one of the largest and most experienced chimney service companies in the country. If you need your chimney restored, you can trust our team for exceptional work. 

But how can you tell you have a chimney that needs restoration? We’ll look over six of the signs.

1. A strong, smoky odor from the fireplace

Of course, you’ll smell some smoke from your fire. But when that odor becomes strong and extra smoky, it’s not a good sign. The chimney is probably ventilating poorly. Although the chimney might only need cleaning or have its flue fixed, this may also be a warning that the chimney is in generally poor condition.

2. Damaged masonry

Take a look at the chimney both inside and outside your house. Look for signs of cracks or holes in the bricks and mortar. These can occur from direct damage due to the weather and exposure to the elements, or just from decay over time. A few cracks and holes can be patched up. If there are many, it’s time to invest in a full restoration.

3. The chimney is leaning

This is serious! If your chimney is starting to lean like a certain tower in Pisa, Italy, something is wrong with its structure. A leaning chimney risks falling down and ripping out a large part of your house. It could also collapse on a person! Call for restoration services right away if you notice this. 

4. Crumbling chimney crown

The crown is the top part of the chimney designed to protect its interior. It’s also the part that’s most likely to sustain damage from the weather. If you look at the top of your chimney and see the crown is damaged, it needs restoration—if not the whole chimney.

5. Visible water damage

Water streaks along the exterior of a chimney aren’t usually a serious problem, although they don’t look attractive. When you see water damage inside the house around the chimney (walls, ceilings, floors), it warns that the chimney has leaks in it. You’ll need restoration to seal up the masonry and stop further decay.

6. An inspection reveals that it’s time

There’s a shortcut to finding out if you’ve got a chimney in need of restoration: schedule a chimney inspection with our experts. We recommend having these inspections every few years (along with annual chimney sweeping) to look for possible safety concerns and all of the problems we’ve already mentioned above. We’ll give you an honest assessment of your chimney’s condition and if it needs repairs or restoration.

You can trust us with your fireplace and chimney needs. Contact 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. to find out more about chimney restoration.

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