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Is Your Chimney Finally Out of Commission?

You may have been told by a home inspector that your chimney should be capped and remain unused. A damaged chimney cannot properly vent hazardous combustion byproducts away from the home, such as carbon monoxide. Cracks in the chimney liner or in the masonry can also allow fire to spread to the home quickly, which is why an impaired chimney should never be used. However, when you get in touch with a chimney professional, you may find that there are a couple of options available to you.

Chimney Repairs from a Certified Professional

A level 2 or level 3 chimney inspection can help a professional determine what types of repairs your chimney may need. Cracks can develop in the chimney over time in part due to the freeze-thaw cycle that happens over the years. Water can enter a chimney and freeze in the winter. Ice takes up more space than water, so the freezing and thawing process can cause masonry cracks that make a chimney dangerous. With a video camera inspection, your technician can determine the level of damage and will likely recommend chimney repairs, like tuckpointing, so that you can continue to use your chimney. In many cases, however, relining the chimney becomes necessary.

Install a New Chimney Liner

A chimney liner should provide a smooth surface with no cracks or spaces that allows gases and smoke to vent directly upwards. Your chimney is unsafe if your liner was not installed properly or if it has deteriorated over time, but you can have a professional reline your chimney in order to restore its safety and functionality. Clay tile liners are standard for new construction, but a lot more difficult to retrofit. For a relining job, your technician is likely to choose a cast-in-place liner (poured cement) or a metal flue liner.

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