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How Water Can Damage Your Chimney in St. Paul

While most homeowners associate their chimneys with fire, water can pose significant challenges to the parts and materials of your chimney. While the rest of your home is protected from water and snow by roofing material and eaves, your chimney stands exposed to all of the elements. When professionally installed and maintained, your chimney is built to last, but over time it may require repair. Remember that professional chimney and fireplace repair in St. Paul, MN requires expertise and experience. Call the experts at 2nd Generation Chimneys today.

Water damage is the result of erosion, oxidization, as well as the deterioration of brick and mortar materials by frequent freezing and thawing. If water enters the pores of these materials, and the temperature drops, the resulting water expansion inside these materials can cause significant problems to the integrity of the masonry. Here are a few ways that water can damage your chimney in St. Paul, MN:

  • Rusty damper. In addition to the freeze/thaw action of water, there is, of course, the oxidization of metal cause by water and water vapor. While most of the materials used within chimney and fireplace construction are water-resistant, rust is still a constant risk. Your damper controls the airflow of your chimney, so that you can avoid losing heat when you’re not using your fireplace. When moisture enters the damper mechanism, the parts can rust, and they may eventually cause the damper to become stuck.
  • Mortar deterioration. As already mentioned, water can pose a significant threat to your chimney mortar. Your bricks are only as good as the glue that holds them together, so be sure to ask your local fireplace repairman to use only quality mortar for repairs and new construction.
  • Faulty flashing. Your flashing is the material that forges a seamless bond between your chimney and your roof. Typically made out of aluminum or copper, flashing can begin to undergo wear and tear over time, especially if improperly installed.

Understanding the risk of chimney water damage is important to keeping your home safe. If you need fireplace repair in St. Paul, MN, call 2nd Generation Chimneys today!

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