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Interior and Exterior Spark Arrestors—What’s the Difference?

police-fireman-doctorWell, let me guess. One is inside, and one is outside, right? Haha, very funny. Sure, you may have a basic grasp of the difference between any components of any system when one is designated as “exterior” and the other “interior”. However, chances are that you may not even understand what a spark arrestor is, let alone how one functions (or should be installed, for that matter). Well, the answer is actually quite simple, so just read on.

As always, we want to remind you that any fireplace services in Minneapolis, MN must be completed by skilled, trained professionals. The last thing that you want to do is pull up an online video and suddenly mistake yourself for being some kind of expert! Work with the professional technicians on our staff, and you’ll be able to use your fireplace safely and reliably. And now, without further ado, let’s take a look at those different types of arrestors that you’re so curious about! 

Protect Those Around You!

Most of us will remember that bear from our youths reminding us that only we can prevent forest fires. That may be true. Unfortunately, some property owners may face fires that are not their fault at all, and there is no way that they can prevent them! Why might that be the case? Because their neighbors weren’t quite so concerned about preventing fires!

An exterior spark arrestor is a mesh screening that is installed in your chimney. The purpose of this arrestor is to trap any burning embers that may make their way up your fireplace from making their way out of the chimney and into the surrounding area. If you live near a field this could help to prevent a big outdoor fire in dry conditions.

If you live near other houses, this could literally save your neighbors’ lives.

Part of being a responsible homeowner is being responsible for the way in which your actions may affect those around you. Preventing sparks from causing fires in your neighborhood is obviously a major step toward being a responsible homeowner.

Protect Yourself!

Okay, so that mesh at the top of the fireplace is there to prevent fires caused by embers escaping your chimney. But what about inside your home? This is where the interior spark arrestor comes into play.

This may be something as simple as a basic metal screen in front of the hearth. It could also be sliding glass doors that are professionally installed and compatible with your fireplace. In either event, the purpose is to prevent sparks from flying out of the fireplace and onto surfaces, or people, in the vicinity.

Well, I don’t have kids, carpets, or pets. That seems a bit overboard. Wrong! Yes, this spark arrestor obviously helps to prevent burns from embers landing on people and pets. Yes, it prevents fires from catching on carpeting. However, certain types (such as glass doors) can also prevent staining and fumes. And while your wooden floors may not erupt in flame when an ember lands on them, they can still suffer ugly burn marks!

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