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Is Chimney Sweeping Mandatory?

Your chimney is vital to the use of your fireplace. But now that it is summer, you don’t need to worry about your chimney for a while, right? Well, yes and no.

While you aren’t exactly using your fireplace and chimney right now, it may be the best time to give your chimney an important bit of care. We posed the question as to whether or not chimney sweeping in Edina, MN. While no one is going to show up at your door and force you to let them clean out your chimney, we do strongly recommend you opt to have this service done if you haven’t already.

Chimney Sweeping: Vital But Not Mandatory

While chimney sweeping services aren’t mandatory they are very important to the health of your chimney and your home. You may not realize it but the inside of your chimney can become coated in debris, whether you have a gas or a wood -burning fireplace. Addressing that debris can help keep your chimney efficient and safe for years to come.

How Chimney Sweeping Helps

Chimney sweeping is a service that is provided by a professional, well, chimney sweep that will help improve the long-term well-being of this part of your home. Some of the noticeable improvements from this service include:

  • Increased airflow: The build-up of soot or creosote in your chimney flue can reduce the airflow out of the chimney by 16 to 18%, causing the air to flow back into the house. Chimney sweeping gets rid of the build-up to keep the air flowing strongly out of the chimney.
  • Reduced smells: Creosote build-up can smell, plain and simple. When you get your chimney taken care of professionally though this removes that build-up and means no nasty smells coming from the chimney.
  • No animal debris: When your chimney is left untouched for a while, birds and other small creatures may mistake it for a nice place to make a home for a while. With professional chimney sweeping, you can get leftover fur, droppings, nests and more removed so they don’t cause problems later.
  • Increases lifespan: Keeping the flue in your chimney clean over the years is going to help it to last as long as possible which is great news for your fireplace and your wallet.

We Keep Your Chimney Healthy

As you can see, chimney sweeping is quite an important service for the sake of your chimney’s wellbeing. Just as important as regularly scheduling chimney sweeping however is making sure that a trained professional is the one to provide this service.

If you are on the hunt for a reliable team to help take care of your fireplace and chimney over the years you can come to us. We are a trained and certified group of professionals who knows exactly how to take care of your chimney so that it can help keep you safe and warm.

Need to schedule chimney sweeping services? Contact 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc today.

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