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Spring Cleaning Is About More than the Visible Parts of Your House

Spring is a time for rejuvenation, transforming your house from a somewhat cluttered, dusty space to something that feels more like home. Therefore, most people tend to focus on organization when it comes to spring cleaning, and dusting off the parts of the home they can see.

But there are parts of your home that you cannot see that deserve just as much attention. In fact, some of these areas go unnoticed for so long, they can start to become a fire hazard. The chimney and your dryer vents are two areas of your home that deserve just as much attention when it comes to spring cleaning.

Why You Should Clean Out Your Chimney

Your chimney develops some level of buildup as you use your fireplace. Burning firewood or using a gas fireplace causes byproducts to collect inside of the chimney. Any combustible debris in the chimney can ignite, and should be cleaned out every year. And one of the most problematic substances found in chimneys is creosote, a byproduct of combustion that is highly combustible, and puts you at risk for a house fire.

Why You Should Clean Out Your Dryer Ducts

A ventilation system leads away from your home’s clothes dryer in order to keep smoke and other byproducts out of your home. Even though you clean your lint trap, some amount of lint and other debris wind up in the dryer ducts. Thousands of house fires per year start up due to the combustible lint in the dryer vents.

Trust Professionals to Do the Job

Because there are areas of your home that are dangerous if left unclean for too long, you should trust professionals to clean these out. Dryer vent cleaning should occur once every few years. Fireplace and chimney cleaning and inspections should happen about once a year, and it’s never too late to schedule an appointment with a trained technician.

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