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Always Wanted a Fireplace? Consider a Wood Stove

You’ve always wished for the warmth and coziness that a fireplace brings to a room, but your home just wasn’t built for it. For a classic vintage look and feel, a wood stove may meet your needs. You can retrofit a wood stove into your home, as long as you have a fireplace and chimney expert install proper ventilation and follow all building codes and safety precautions.

Retrofitting a Wood Stove

Adding a wood stove into a home is not too difficult for a trained professional. You’ll just need to find a space to install it with enough clearance from a combustible wall and a place to install the chimney or stovepipe.

Typically, it’s better to install a new chimney than to hook up your stove to an existing one, since the size of the ventilation pipes is meant to be directly proportionate to the heating capacity of the stove. The new chimney will likely go above the stove and straight up through the roof. A metal chimney is typically preferable, though you can add a masonry chimney with a metal lining as well.

Difficulties with Wood Stoves

If you’re planning on using the stove to heat up multiple parts of your home, you’re likely to run into some trouble, as a wood stove is really only designed for radiant heating of one space. In addition, owning a wood stove means purchasing the fuel (wood) and perhaps doing the chopping on your own. This can be off-putting to many people who end up with an expensive appliance that goes unused.

Other Heating Options

If you’re only looking for a way to heat your home, and you’re not concerned about style, a gas fireplace or may potentially be a less expensive option, or you might just want a wall heater to heat up a single room. However, there’s nothing quite like the vintage look and coziness of a wood-burning stove!

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