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Types of Chimney Liners For Minneapolis

Many homeowners are shocked to find that there are so many different kinds of chimney liners for Minneapolis homes on the market. Each type of liner is designed and optimized to provide protection for your chimney and home from different types of gasses released at different temperatures. That is why it is so important to have a full chimney inspection completed whenever you upgrade or change your heating system. Here are some of the liner types and what they offer.

  • Clay Tile – Clay tile is the most common and inexpensive of flue liners. However, clay tiles are only effective for wood fires and fireplaces as they are not effective in containing the liquid byproducts of high efficiency gas appliances and fireplaces. Additionally, if there is a chimney fire, clay tiles will shatter.
  • Stainless Steel – Stainless steel can be cast in multiple shapes, is very flexible and is effective for almost any type of wood furnace or stove. Rarely used in new chimneys, stainless steel is often used for upgrading existing wood-only chimneys.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum can be cast to varying degrees of thickness to make it flexible or rigid depending on your needs.  It is commonly used to vent gas appliances as it is does a better job of removing liquid byproducts without allowing them to cool since it conducts little heat.
  • Cast in Place – Cast in place liners are made from cement-like material that is cast inside the chimney to provide a natural passageway for the gasses being released. Cast-in place liners are good for repairing chimneys that are deteriorating naturally or that have had fires. It works with all types of fuel as well and can add many years of life to a chimney.

As you can see, the type of liner you choose will depend largely on the type of fuel you burn and how you choose to use it. The best option is to talk to 2nd Generation Chimneys about the best option for your particular circumstances and learn what they have to offer.

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