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4 Signs It Is Time to Clean Out Your Fireplace

Spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to the visible parts of your home. You also need to keep your home’s systems clean too. There is a reason why HVAC experts encourage people to change their system filters to keep their air conditioner and heater clean. Your fireplace and chimney need to be kept clean too.

A dirty fireplace is one that can create trouble for your home, even when you aren’t using it. Don’t let your fireplace get too murky! Schedule your fireplace cleaning in Edina, MN services today to help your home all year long.

What Can Get Into Your Fireplace and Chimney?

Keeping your fireplace and chimney clean isn’t something you can do with just a dust cloth and some elbow grease. This is because the debris that can settle in this system is often a bit more challenging to remove. This can include:

  • Creosote: Whether you have a gas-powered or wood-burning fireplace, creosote will collect inside of your chimney and fireplace. This substance is sticky, tends to smell the longer it is left, and can significantly increase fire risks.
  • Ash: Made in wood-burning fireplaces, ash is a noncombustible byproduct of fires. This may not create a fire hazard but ash is something that can make a big mess if you aren’t careful, not to mention it is bad to breathe.
  • Animal debris: If you haven’t used your fireplace in a bit there is a chance that small animals or bugs could have already found their way in. The debris they leave behind is unpleasant and is something that we can help remove.
  • Effloresence: This is caused by moisture escaping from the brickwork around your fireplace and evaporating, leaving behind salt deposits.

How To Tell You Need Fireplace Cleaning

It is a good idea to have your fireplace cleaned regularly, especially after a season of use. Here are some signs that you should schedule a cleaning appointment.

  1. White staining: If you can see white staining/efflorescence in your fireplace or on the bricks around your fireplace, it is a good idea to have your fireplace cleaned and inspected.
  2. Build-up on your damper: Your damper is vital to keeping your fireplace working. Closing and opening it regularly is necessary. This is why you should keep your damper clean and free of build-up, especially since it helps to prevent rust and corrosion.
  3. You can see creosote: Seeing a black, tar-like substance in your firebox? This could creosote build-up and it likely continues up through your chimney. Any creosote build-up in your chimney or fireplace should be cleaned out before it can create bad smells or create higher risks of fire.
  4. Your ash dump is full: When was the last time you cleaned out your ash dump? This is highly important if you have a wood-burning fireplace. You can have a technician help with clearing your ash dump during cleaning too.

Regular fireplace and chimney cleaning are highly important to keep your home safe, combat the smells created by creosote, and optimize the integrity of your fireplace system. Make sure to schedule this service with our team of professionals today.

Schedule your fireplace cleaning today with 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc.

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