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What Does a Professional Chimney Cleaner Do?

Your chimney needs to be kept in the best condition possible to ensure that it serves your home safely and effectively. Even if you are using your fireplace less now that the weather is becoming less frigid, you need to make sure that your chimney gets the care that it needs to serve your home.

One vital service that we want to remind everyone to schedule in the coming weeks is chimney cleaning in Edina, MN. This task is going to address anything built0 up in your chimney that might impact your use of your fireplace or your comfort in your home.

The key thing to remember is that you need a professional chimney cleaner to get the job done. Here’s why.

First, an Inspection

With every chimney cleaning, there should first be a chimney inspection. An inspection allows your technician to check out things like your flue and your damper and even your firebox to see what condition your fireplace and chimney are in. From there they can create a plan for your chimney cleaning needs and anything else that needs to be done too.

Next, Chimney Cleaning,

Depending on the specific situation within your fireplace and chimney, your technician will be able to provide an effective cleaning service that addresses most, if not all of the concerns identified in their inspection. This can include:

  • Clearing away creosote build-up: Creosote is created by a combination of soot, gases, and moisture and it collects within the chimney flue over time. This applies to both wood-burning and gas fireplaces. Your chimney expert will get all the creosote out of the chimney flue to ensure proper ventilation and to prevent the smells that this substance can create otherwise.
  • Removing nests or animal debris: Small bugs and animal can find their way into your chimney and leave behind a variety of debris and in some cases nests! You can trust a technician to find and clear away anything those critters left behind.
  • Cleaning the chimney damper: The same debris that builds up inside of your chimney flue can collect on the different parts of your damper. While a dirty damper doesn’t seem like the biggest issue it can quickly become a problem if it negatively impacts your ability to close or open it. Technicians can clean and lubricate your damper to ensure it works properly.

Trained and Certified Professionals Are Here to Help

Notice how we’ve emphasized the need for a professional chimney technician to perform your chimney inspection and cleaning? This is because a professional is the only person who should be allowed to work on your chimney.

The experts at 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. are the people you can count on to get those fireplace and chimney services taken care of. We have the tools, training, and expertise to assess, clean, and repair all types of chimneys.

Contact the pros at 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. to book your chimney cleaning today. We are Certified Chimney Professionals who are proud to serve Minneapolis.

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