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Burning a Fire without Too Much Impact on the Environment

We applaud homeowners in the area who are committed to making more responsible choices for the environment—those who recycle, compost, use reusable bags, purchase high-efficiency appliances, and do their best to protect the world we live in. And when you burn wood, there are harmful emissions that could do some damage to the environment. However, there are plenty of environmentally responsible ways to have a warm, cozy fire in your home.

  • Selecting the right firewood – In order to maximize efficiency, you want a wood that produces little smoke. This means that you want seasoned firewood—wood that has been dried for more than six months. Also, certain species of wood burn more efficiently than others. Hickory and white oak, for example, may burn more efficiently than others, but availability varies from state to state.
  • Keeping air flowing – Close the screen to protect your living room from sparks, but open up the glass doors to get oxygen for the combustion process. However, shut the glass doors soon afterwards.
  • Knowing about kindling – Kindling is only for starting fires—not for keeping them going. Only use seasoned wood as your fuel source and avoid lighter fluid and gasoline.
  • Finding the right size flame – If a flame is too small, it smolders for longer, resulting in more smoke. Larger, hotter fires burn more efficiently and produce less smoke. However, you don’t want the flame to be so large it’s dangerous. Go with a moderately sized flame.
  • Knowing the rules – At certain times of year, your area may want you to avoid burning a fire due to environmental concerns affecting the air at that particular time. In addition, the EPA sets restrictions on the types of stoves you can use and the materials you can burn.

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