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Is That Smell Coming From Your Fireplace?

You don’t have to be using your fireplace to notice it has a problem. Just opening the damper to check things out and see if there is a reason to call in a professional can lead to a discovery that something is up. Of course, even if you aren’t checking on your chimney out of habit, you might be led to look into its upkeep by a strange smell that seems to be coming from it.

There are several different potential causes for chimney smells and none of them are good. This applies to both gas and wood-burning fireplaces too so whatever type you have and wherever it is located, this article is meant for you. A stinking chimney isn’t one you should ignore because it will only get worse!

What is Making Your Chimney Smell?

So what might be a potential cause of a smelly chimney or fireplace? There are a few different things that might cause these issues:

  • A build-up of creosote: Creosote is a material that can collect in your chimney flue and cause smells similar to the scent of a bar-be-que or fresh tar. Created by wood-burning fires, creosote is a build-up made of soot and moisture. Normally the smells created by creosote build-up are worse during summertime when there is high humidity or when the air conditioning is working.
  • The presence of animals: If you don’t have a chimney cap or screen, there is a chance that a furry or feathered friend might find a way into your chimney. While this might not be an immediate problem when you aren’t using your fireplace, it will impact your fireplace when you try to use it once the weather cools. It could be a nest left behind with all the dirt and gunk that comes with that, or it might be a dead animal caught in your flue, but as you can imagine this won’t produce good smells.
  • A chimney leak: A leak in your chimney is bad for the integrity of your chimney and fireplace and it can make some undesirable smells too. A poorly sealed chimney may produce moldy or mildew-scented smells.

Handling a Smelly Chimney

If you’ve noticed that there is an unpleasant smell emanating from your chimney or your fireplace, it isn’t something you should just ignore or try to address with a spritz of Frebreeze. Instead, you should take note of what the smell is and reach out for assistance from the professionals on our team. We can help figure out what the source of the smell is and get it addressed in a timely manner. The sooner you get this issue addressed the better for your home and for your safety.

Make sure you have any chimney smell addressed by professionals only. Trying your hand at fixing this issue on your own or letting an amateur try it can be extremely dangerous and could harm your chimney too.

If your chimney isn’t smelling quite right, contact 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. to schedule a chimney cleaning in Minneapolis.

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