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Test Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors Each Month!

As a company specializing in chimney and fireplace inspection and cleaning, we want to make sure that every home is as safe as possible throughout the warmer season. Carbon monoxide detectors protect you and your family members from illness and, in some cases, death.

Carbon Monoxide Law

In fact, in the State of Minnesota, carbon monoxide detectors are not only recommended; they are required by law. According to Minnesota Statute 299F.50:

“Every single family dwelling and every dwelling unit in a multifamily dwelling must have an approved and operational carbon monoxide alarm installed within ten feet of each room lawfully used for sleeping purposes.”

Your Risk

All homes in our service area have been required to have carbon monoxide detectors since 2009. Fuel-burning appliances put any home at risk for carbon monoxide leaks. It’s a colorless, odorless gas you and your family members likely won’t be able to detect otherwise. And, unfortunately, hundreds of deaths each year are a direct result of CO leaks.

If you don’t already have carbon monoxide detectors in place, call local electricians to install them today! Once you do have carbon monoxide detectors in place, it’s important to test them every month.

Testing the Smoke and CO Alarms and Replacing Batteries

You should test your smoke alarms and CO detectors each and every month (many people do this on the first of the month). You do this by simply holding down the button on the unit and waiting for the beep. If it’s loud enough to wake you up, then it’s working properly. If not, you may try replacing the batteries or the unit.

You should also change the batteries every 6 months, even if it seems to be working properly. Many people do this during Daylight Saving Time. And you should replace CO detectors and smoke detectors every 10 years. You can check the date on the back of the unit to be sure.

Call 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. for your chimney and fireplace needs in Minneapolis, MN or for more important safety tips.

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