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We Can Help Evict Furry Squatters From Your Chimney

While you may not view it this way, a small animal likely sees your chimney and thinks it looks like a great option for shelter. If they can chew past the chimney screen, they get access to a protected, relatively warmer area where they can relax in safety. They may even look into building a nest there!

What seems a convenient find for a small animal is going to be a problem for you as a homeowner. You can’t blame them for wanting to hide from the elements but your chimney is not the place to do it. So, how do you get them out and clear away the debris that they brought with them?

This is exactly why we provide animal removal and sanitization for Minneapolis, MN homes. Let’s work together to keep your chimney clear!

Why Animals In a Chimney Are a Problem

Whether it is a squirrel or a bird, if an animal gets into your chimney and then someone starts the fireplace, no one is going to be happy. Animals don’t belong in your chimney to begin with.

For starters, an animal nest in your chimney can hinder the airflow exiting your chimney. This can make it harder to use your fireplace and may even hinder the ability of your chimney to pull smoke and gas out of the chimney.

Along with all this, animals in chimneys can end up getting hurt or killed when you try to use your fireplace. This can also lead to bad smells and airflow issues.

The Importance of Thorough Cleaning and Sanitization

Our team has been around for a long while which means that we have seen a good number of different situations involving animals in a chimney. That’s why we provide animal removal and sanitization.

Whatever condition the furry squatter is in, we will get the animal and everything that it brought with it out of your chimney. After the animal and any nesting materials are gone, we will clean and sanitize the chimney. This is going to address any leftover animal debris such as urine, fecal matter, and other contaminants.

Chimney cleaning and sanitization from our technicians are going to help clean the whole chimney effectively.

When Else to Schedule Chimney Cleaning

You shouldn’t wait to have your chimney cleaned until after you shoo out a squirrel. Chimney cleaning is something that you should do on a regular basis. This is because it helps to improve your chimney as a whole and makes it easier to use your fireplace too.

Chimney cleaning helps to remove animal debris like fur, dirt, or nest materials as we described above. It also removes creosote (a mixture of moisture and soot that can coat your chimney flue) and other debris. This improves the health of your chimney flue, reduces the risk of chimney fires, ensures proper airflow, and addresses bad smells.

For help with evicting small animals from your chimney, contact 2nd Generation Chimneys, Inc. We’re proud to have served everyone in Minneapolis since 2001.

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